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      About us
      About us
            Guangdong Southern logistics group is the second batch of "AAAAA class comprehensive logistics" enterprises in the country. After nearly thirty years of improvement, from the traditional logistics to the traditional industry gene, we take "Internet +" and big data as the core power of enterprise development and innovation, so as to create "warehousing and pan industry chain full coverage platform" for enterprise development. The exhibition strategy is to achieve a deep integration with new retailers'home and logistics, and to cooperate with industrial chain of 4.0 high-end manufacturing industry to form a comprehensive hardware carrier platform integrating e-commerce, data center, efficient logistics and intelligent manufacturing as well as perfect supply chain operation and management services.           
      • 27years
        Rapid growth
      • 160ten thousand m2
        Total building area
      • 50Billion
        Amount of investment
      Industrial Park
      Data Center
      Supply Chain Logistics
      Cloud Warehouse and Cold Chain Center
      Commercial Complex
      Industry Outlook
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